Sibling Spotlight Series: Patrick and Kelly Givens


What do you want the world to know about your sibling?

Patrick: I am Patrick Givens and my sister is Kelly Givens. My mom is helping me type all of the wonderful things you should know about my sister. I love going to Camp PALS and the best thing is my sister is a volunteer there. Kelly is sweet, nice and cute. When she is home from college, she always takes me to my favorite restaurant, Surf Taco. We love to go to Starbucks together and get lattes. I love when we are in her car and she plays my favorite Beck songs. We sing the songs together.

Kelly: Hey! I’m Kelly, and this is my older brother Patrick. The second someone meets Pat, they are greeted with open arms, a big smile, and an instant friendship. He is the happiest person I know, no matter what the day brings.   

How has your sibling surprised you?

Patrick: Kelly surprises me when I meet her at the airport when she flies home from college. She surprises me when she gives me presents, such as a really cool shirt from Nashville. She surprised me when she volunteered to be a Camp PALS Counselor. I kind of wish she could be my Counselor when I go to Camp PALS.

Kelly: Pat surprises my whole family, more often maybe than we’d like, with funny pranks ranging from me coming home from college to a creepy baby doll laying on my bed, to pretending he’s not home, then emerging from the basement saying “Robber! Stop right there!” He has an amazing sense of humor, and catches us off-guard almost daily. He really keeps us on our toes in the best way possible. 

What do you love most about your brother/sister?

Patrick: I love Kelly because she is the best sister. She is nice to me and hugs me. She always invites me to hang out with her friends. I love her because she is kind and pretty. Here are some pictures of us!  

Kelly: The thing I love most about Pat is that no matter how badly I mess up, no matter how many poor decisions I make, or how grouchy I am after a long day, he will always make me feel like I am loved and accepted through hugs, affirmation, and kind words that let me know that everything is going to be okay.