Some hellos from our counselor staff

In anticipation for Camp PALS 2010, we asked some counselors to let us know what they have been up to recently. We will be posting these pieces periodically as Camp PALS gets closer. In the first installment, Clint Armistead is featured:

While I’ve only been to Camp PALS once, I can attest that the rumor is true. Camp PALS really is the best week of my whole year. Ever since it ended, I’ve been just waiting to go back. I’ve stayed busy with my senior year of college studying journalism. However, most of my time has revolved around Special Olympics. I saw Jenni Newbury, one of the Camp PALS Directors, in DC at a Special Olympics function. She was talking to her congressman about continued funding, and I was there leading a group of young people hoping to organize some youth initiatives, like Spread the Word to End the Word and the Youth Summit at the Special Olympics Summer Games in Nebraska. Luckily, I will still have time to spend a week at Cabrini College. I know it’s gonna be great. Can’t wait for the water balloon fight.