Special Olympics World Games

A few weeks ago my brother Jason and I had the opportunity to attend the Special Olympics World Games. We were able to watch athletic competition, participate in the Global Youth Summit and join the first International Special Olympics College summit. We had the opportunity to spend time with Tim Shriver, John C. McGinley, Michelle Kwan, the Secretary of Education and VP Biden, among others. During our time at Special Olympics, we contributed to the creation of a new 3-Word Video, a type of video that Special Olympics uses to advertise the courage, compassion and humanity shown through their programs.

We also began the planning for the first-ever International End the R-Word Day, scheduled for March 31, 2009. This campaign was further fueled by O'Reilly’s public apology for the use of the word “retard” on his show by Dick Morris. Tim Shriver wrote a piece that was published in the Huffington Post describing our time in Boise.

Overall, we had a blast and we can’t wait to find out some ways that Camp PALS and Special Olympics can work together!

- Jenni & Jason Newbury