T - 1 Week!

The most anticipated event of the year is a mere week away: Camp PALS 2011!

If you, like us, are trembling with excitement, I needn’t remind you of the joy that comes with a week full to bursting with so many different activities, or the rush you get from showing off your best moves at the Camp PALS dance, or the pride when at the end of the week you can look around during the closing ceremony and realise you’ve made some lifelong friends.

We will be sending you reminders as the day itself draws near, but for now, try to contain your excitement! Make sure to get lots of rest and relaxation this week, because we know how hard it is to stop having fun at Camp PALS.

I’ll leave you with the best wishes of the Directors and our unabashed delight at the prospect of seeing so many of the Camp PALS community so soon. Don’t forget, we are inviting alumni to join us for the dance and closing ceremony – make sure to RSVP so we can accommodate everyone that wants to join us.

It’s time to start your pre-Camp rituals - bring on Camp PALS 2011!


Assistant Director