Camp PALS San Francisco

Meet the Directors: Introducing the San Francisco Team


Meet the Camp PALS San Francisco Director Team. Joint together by their common love of baby animals and, of course, PALS, they are ecstatic to be working together. This team plans on bringing a week full of PALS magic to all participants with a hint of California style. They advise participants to prepare themselves for a trip to Google, guacamole and Ghiradelli ice cream, and countless spontaneous dance parties under SCU’s beautiful palm trees. They are already counting down the days to all the fun in the California sun!

Learn more about this director team after the jump:


“Hi friends! My name is Hannah Cunliffe and I am beyond excited to start my 6th summer here with the Camp PALS family. In previous years, I have worked as a counselor, a head counselor, a CPS, and this will be my very first summer as a member of the San Francisco director team! I am currently a senior at West Chester University studying elementary and special education. Words cannot describe how excited I am for this upcoming summer. And with that…let the Camp PALS 2014 countdown begin!”


“Hiya! I’m Sara Glass and I could not be more thrilled to begin my 5th year at PALS. I’ve had all sorts of roles here, now including the honor of being a director for the second year in a row. I am in my third year at the University of Toronto (Oh, Canada!) studying Health and Psychology. I am so excited to work alongside Hannah and James in making our third year on the best coast better than ever!”


”Hi, Camp PALS! My name is James Kuczmarski and this will be my 6th year with camp. As a former counselor, head counselor, and founder of Camp PALS San Francisco, it is so amazing working on the director team and seeing all of the magic come together! As a graduate from Princeton University and current Googler, I bring brawn and beauty to the Camp PALS San Francisco Director team. I am so lucky to be able to experience PALS in my home in the Bay area.”

Camp PALS San Francisco hits the west coast July 6 -12, 2014 for 25 campers ages 16-25.

 To help this amazing team of directors and the rest of PALS Programs make this summer the best one yet, please consider making a contribution of any size and Donate Here!

Announcing Our 2014 PALS Directors!

This weekend, our 23 incredible directors will come together in Maryland for the first-ever PALS Director Training Retreat! Led by our Executive Director and members of our Program Catalyst Committee, our directors will work to strengthen their teams, develop visions for their programs, and begin planning for the great summer of 2014!  

During the month of November, each team will have a chance to introduce themselves and share about the exciting details of their camp on the blog! But first, we wanted to take a moment to officially announce the 2014 Directors!

Taking on the 11th summer of Camp PALS Philadelphia will be Laura, Morgan and Jenn!


Bringing the Pacific Ocean to PALS for the 3rd summer at Camp PALS San Francisco will be James, Hannah, and Sara!


Taking us to the MidWest for the second summer of Camp PALS Chicago will be Conor, Joanna, Doug, and Kyle!


Guiding us in our nation’s capital for the second summer of Camp PALS Georgetown will be Andrea, Alex, and Scott!

Leading us through the thrills of New Jersey for the second summer of Camp PALS Princeton will be David, Steven & Whitney!

Introducing the world to Camp PALS Dallas for the first time will be Kellen, Brenna, and Jill!

And finally supporting PALS across the nation in the areas of Donor Relations, Media, PALS Adventures and Medical will be our team of content directors - Paige, Jordan, Courtney & Ricky!


We are so excited for this incredible team of dedicated, genuine and fun volunteers! Feel free to congratulate them all by emailing!


With fog in the air, Camp PALS San Francisco drove up Highway 1 to Pie Ranch, a beautiful and educational non-profit farm. Campers and counselors walked through the farm exploring the fields of fruits, veggies and getting to know the animals. Camp PALS San Francisco go to pet baby turkeys, walk through sunflowers, hang out with goats, and even pick fresh strawberries! The skies cleared just in time for arrival at the Santa Cruz boardwalk for an afternoon at the beach. Some brave campers and counselors jumped in the cool Pacific waters, while other enjoyed the rides and the beautiful day. Back on campus at night, campers and counselors relaxed with a movie night.

Check out the awesome photos from today’s adventures here!


Nothing kicks off a Tuesday like an awesome Aerobics session with Sara! The day kept heating up at Camp PALS San Francisco as campers participated in Yoga or Kickball. Lunch was DIY including crafting fresh guacamole and parfaits, followed by a surprise Pizza party in the quad.

The evening brought a conversation about “Spread the Word to End the Word” and a great letter-writing session for The Congratulations Project. The evening ended with an awesome Doodle class; drawing with simple shapes and creativity and then a warm summer night hangout on the lawn! 

See more pictures from our day here.


What an incredible first day at Camp PALS San Francisco! After checking out the awesome San Fransisco Zoo early Monday morning, the campers and counselors’ next stop was the famous Ghirardelli Square to taste some chocolatey treats before a ferry trip across the Bay’s calm waters. The bus picked everyone up in Sausalito to drive Camp PALS San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge back to campus.
After a busy day, everyone had a blast finishing an amazing Monday with some rockin’ karaoke. Check out today’s photos HERE!


Welcome to the San Francisco sunshine! Campers drove up to our palm tree-lined campus bubbling with counselor excitement this afternoon. After playing in the lawn until everyone arrived, Camp PALS San Francisco shared an all-camp dinner. After all 21 camper/counselor pairs got to know each other, Camp PALS rules were set and celebrated with an ice cream social and a dance party!

See more of our day in photographs here.

PALS welcomes a new assistant director!

Last summer we brought the magic of Camp PALS to the west coast. James and Kate, Directors of Camp PALS San Francisco, are delighted to introduce a new member of our team: Assistant Director Sara Glass! Sara has been part of the Camp PALS family since 2010. She is currently living in Canada attending the University of Toronto. In her free time, she likes watching videos of cute animals, eating ice cream, and laughing an unnecessary amount. Sara is beyond excited to be working alongside Kate and James!

As one of our universally loved returning counselors, Sara will be an instrumental part of the Camp PALS San Francisco leadership team in 2013. We couldn’t be more excited to have her onboard—please join us in welcoming her to the team!

~ James and Kate, directors, Camp PALS San Francisco