Camp Pals

Guest blogging Part II!

Claire Toman
Yellow team 

“I’m 15 years old and i like to read. Some of the things that we do are Arts and Media, arts and crafts, cooking, dancing, basketball, and lots of other cool fun things to do at camp. My counselor emily is also really nice and she’s always there for me, she cares for me and i love her. She’s great and we have fun at camp and we do a lot of fun things   and I hope you like camp pals if you ever come. I am on the yellow team!

Jordan Van Sciver
Red team

“I like basketball, kickball, baseball, photography. The best thing about camp pals is doing art. My counselor is Jeremy he is nice. I forget where he comes from. Camp PALS is perfect. I want to come back next year. I have a hamster. His name’s Nick.”

Megan Cloyes
Red team

“My name’s Megan, I have fun and I like to do lots of fun activites with friends. I’ve been coming five years and I’m on the red team. I like my counselor this year. Camp PALS is lots of fun there’s activities, you can chat with the counselors, and directors, and every body. If someone was nervous, I’d tell them: don’t be nervous- you’ll have fun. We get to do cool stuff. I love Dave and Busters.”

Steve Sabia
Orange team
Hi, I’m Steve, just call me Guy if you want. And my favorite activities are swimming, arts and crafts, and maybe kickball. My brother David is at camp, he likes kickball, he likes swimming, and he likes arts and crafts. He’s a head counselor. I’m on the orange team- Timbo is my head counselor. He’s good. My favorite food is pizza. I really like the Food Network. My nickname is Guy Fieri. I love him and The Richard! (My counselor).”

RJ Karl
Yellow team

Hi my name is RJ Karl, the reason I like Camp PALS is swimming, basketball, kickball and I like hanging out with other friends. I have my best buddy Tyler- he’s my best bud. I like being on my team. We do lots of neat things. We’re always doing drawing, doing stuff for our blog. I like my counselor a lot, he’s my best buddy. I love pizza.”