Director Blog Series: PALS New York Inspired by Hope & Family


Helloooo PALS Families! We are Dan and Morgan, the 2018 Camp PALS New York Directors!

Some facts about the both of us:

  • You might remember us from Camp PALS NY last year - we directed together!
  • Pennsylvania is where we call home, and about an hour away from each other.
  • We both LOVE to make each PALS programming event special and unique, think over the top 80’s Aerobics. (see picture below for a better idea)  
  • Neither one of us have read or seen any of the Harry Potter series.
  • One of our favorite things to do as an entire Camp is have “family dinners”. We started this last year and are super excited to bring this method into play again this summer.
  • If we were to sing a duet together for karaoke, we’d be singing I Wanna Dance with Somebody by Whitney Houston.
  • This will be our our sixth summer as part of the PALS family. We started at Philadelphia, but we didn’t know one another. Dan was on the Green Boys team and Morgan was on Blue Girls. This was when there were only two Camps; CP West and CP Philly.

Get to know Dan better:

  • Graduated in December with a degree in Marketing from Temple University.
  • Loves food, but has never eaten a PB&J sandwich.
  • In the summers (sometimes even the winter) you can find him lying on the beach at his favorite shore, North Wildwood.
  • The logistics and programming god.

A little more on Morgan:

  • Graduates in May with a master’s degree in Community Nutrition from West Chester University.
  • Studied food for six years, but ice cream is still a favorite.
  • The coolest thing Morgan has done was go on a real life African Safari while in Kenya.
  • Will know everyone’s name attending CPNY by the time she steps foot on Cornell’s campus.

Welcome to New York, We’ve Been Waiting for YOU!

Always PALS Love,

Dan and Morgan


(see, we go all out. get your workout/outfits ready for the summer!)