Down Syndrome


With fog in the air, Camp PALS San Francisco drove up Highway 1 to Pie Ranch, a beautiful and educational non-profit farm. Campers and counselors walked through the farm exploring the fields of fruits, veggies and getting to know the animals. Camp PALS San Francisco go to pet baby turkeys, walk through sunflowers, hang out with goats, and even pick fresh strawberries! The skies cleared just in time for arrival at the Santa Cruz boardwalk for an afternoon at the beach. Some brave campers and counselors jumped in the cool Pacific waters, while other enjoyed the rides and the beautiful day. Back on campus at night, campers and counselors relaxed with a movie night.

Check out the awesome photos from today’s adventures here!

Take Us Out to the Ballgame!

What an amazing day! Camp PALS Georgetown started off a great Wednesday by packing healthy lunches before a trip to the Washington Mall. After driving by the White House and the Washington Monument, the counselors and campers checked out the incredible Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. 

After the museum, PALS Georgetown headed to a Washington Nationals baseball game with our friends from the Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County. Even though the Nats lost, everyone felt like winners!

Check out Wednesday’s photos here.

A Little Bit of Everything

This incredible Tuesday kicked off with a great trip to Dave and Busters. After bringing home a ton of great prizes, campers jumped right into choice activities like music, cooking, swimming, and soccer.

In the afternoon, Camp PALS Georgetown had an opportunity to give back to the community by taking part in a great volunteer activity- making trail mix for the DC Central Kitchen to distribute to other non-profit organizations in the area.

 This fun-filled day drew to a close with a favorite PALS tradition- karaoke of course! 

Check out the photos here.