Happy January birthdays!

Along with the New Year comes a whole new set of PALS friends to send your birthday wishes to! Kick off the year by saying “Happy Birthday!” to all our January birthdays:

Ryan Herrington&nbsp&nbspGaby YverNicole LivaCara Yuknis
Morgan SteinJosh SteinJana LondonTamar Ingber
Patrick JonesWhitney FloraSamantha Gordon&nbsp&nbspNate Seagraves
Megan CloyesBrendan Boroch&nbsp&nbspTyler WaeltzJenn Grobe
Eli LewisAlec MertzRicky Priceand Megan Whitehill

Wishing you the best!

- Sara
Sara Glass has been a PALS counselor for two years. She’s currently in her first year at the University of Toronto and specializes in making balloon animals.