PALS Chicago


Today was a beautiful day in Elmhurst, Illinois, and Camp PALS Chicago’s campers and counselors took full advantage of this gorgeous summer weather. The day was jam packed with a trip to the bowling alley, a joke-telling competition, and tons of fun games. 

Campers also participated in the Congratulations Project. During this activity, each camper wrote a letter to be distributed to new parents of a baby with Down syndrome congratulating them on the amazing future their families have in store. All of the campers wrote truly incredible letters.
Coming soon: a video of a few outstanding examples!

Camp PALS Chicago finished up this incredible day with an ice cream social and a truly epic PALS dance party. 

Check out the photos here.


Campers and counselors at Camp PALS Chicago spent the morning in the gym playing a competitive game of basketball before heading to the beautiful Lincoln Park Zoo. After walking through the gorgeous park and checking out some awesome animals from all over the world, Camp PALS Chicago headed back to campus for dinner and a show- camper karaoke! Everyone brought the house down in true PALS style with their incredible, passionate performances of everything from Justin Bieber to the Beatles.

Check out the photos from the amazing performances and more here and get ready for a truly excellent video!

Camp PALS Chicago launched full swing into its inaugural year today with the arrival of our amazing crew of campers from all across the country! After enjoying the beautiful sunny weather and getting to know each other, campers and counselors got a taste of the gorgeous Elmhurst campus and all the fun in store with a barbecue on the beautiful lawn and some getting-to-know you games. Camp PALS Chicago 2013 is just getting started and campers and counselors alike are prepped for an incredible week! 
Check out today’s photos here and keep an eye out for today’s awesome video.