PALS San Francisco

PALS spends WDSD14 with Google

Hi PALS!!!
We are so excited to have celebrated 3/21/14, World Down Syndrome Day, in Mountain View, California with a PALS Adventure at Google! Our campers and participants from local Down Syndrome organizations were able to work one-on-one with some of Google’s wonderful employees. Together they enhanced their skills in Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, and even prepared for a job interview. We finished the work day off in true PALS fashion with a dance party in the Google bowling alley!

Then the party continued in San Jose where we continued to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with many of the local organizations from the Bay Area. Our participants showed the crowd how proud they were to be a part of the PALS family with incredible speeches about their accomplishments and of course, lots more dancing!

We are looking forward to continuing to work with Google and create even more PALS Adventures on the West Coast!


With fog in the air, Camp PALS San Francisco drove up Highway 1 to Pie Ranch, a beautiful and educational non-profit farm. Campers and counselors walked through the farm exploring the fields of fruits, veggies and getting to know the animals. Camp PALS San Francisco go to pet baby turkeys, walk through sunflowers, hang out with goats, and even pick fresh strawberries! The skies cleared just in time for arrival at the Santa Cruz boardwalk for an afternoon at the beach. Some brave campers and counselors jumped in the cool Pacific waters, while other enjoyed the rides and the beautiful day. Back on campus at night, campers and counselors relaxed with a movie night.

Check out the awesome photos from today’s adventures here!


Nothing kicks off a Tuesday like an awesome Aerobics session with Sara! The day kept heating up at Camp PALS San Francisco as campers participated in Yoga or Kickball. Lunch was DIY including crafting fresh guacamole and parfaits, followed by a surprise Pizza party in the quad.

The evening brought a conversation about “Spread the Word to End the Word” and a great letter-writing session for The Congratulations Project. The evening ended with an awesome Doodle class; drawing with simple shapes and creativity and then a warm summer night hangout on the lawn! 

See more pictures from our day here.