Never bored on the Boardwalk

We got up early today and drove to Santa Cruz to enjoy a day at the world-famous Boardwalk. Pirate mini-golf was a dramatic start to the day. Marissa made this hole in only 2 shots!

We had lunch on the Boardwalk and then some of us went for the rides (others took a leisurely stroll). Emily and Kate went straight for the famous free-fall ride.

The rest of the day was at the beach having fun in the sun. Some brave campers and counselors jumped in the water. Jeremy took it upon himself to make sure that Director Kate Fleming enjoyed the water too.

Nicole's words on the R-Word

Nicole is a guest blogger writing about an experience she had with the R-word, and how she is empowered to make a change.

“So I was at my friend’s house having dinner when one of my friends Adam came and we talked about things and one of them was the R-word!!! Then I said I don’t like it at all. He has ADHD but it is not ok. He said I am sorry.

So I want the R-word to be done. So let’s stop. It hurts a lot in my heart. I felt better and felt very different after words. I really want to stop it now. Not later but now. So let’s have a stand and fight a lot and never give up. Tell everyone about it and I will do the same at my school. I have strong feelings for the R word. I will do everything to stop it so please help us and stop the R-word and make a big change in the whole world. Please make a difference for people with Down syndrome. They can’t change but we can make a huge difference for them.

The R-word is not just Down syndrome but for all kinds of disability in the world today!!!!”