Spread the word to end the word

John Stephens, a Special Olympics athlete from Virginia, recently wrote this powerful open letter to political pundit Ann Coulter in response to her use of the R-word in a Twitter post.

The PALS community supports the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign, founded by long-time PALS counselor Soeren Palumbo and Executive Board member Tim Shriver. The campaign seeks to spread awareness about the hurtfulness of the “R-word” and encourages others to pledge to end their use of this word. At PALS programs, campers and counselors sign a pledge to end their use of the word and to fight the bullying and exclusion that accompany it.

As a community, we’re committed to challenging each other to be a little better and to see the world a little differently. Campers Sam and John filmed this video to help people understand their perspective on the R-word and to ask that we all support the campaign. You can also sign the pledge at www.r-word.org.