Ad hoc PALS reunion in Florida

Stef Altman sent us this note about a PALS get-together in Florida and we wanted to share it with you. If you have any mini-reunions let us know about them—we love to hear from you and we especially love photos!

“I met up with Sam Piazza, Nick Altieri, and David Scott yesterday in Tampa. It was truly a mini Florida reunion! We got frozen yogurt and shot some hoops in Nick’s back yard. Just wanted to let you know!”

Thanks Stef!

Maryland reunion follow-up

Thank you to everyone who came out to support Camp PALS at the DC Reunion last week. We had a great time catching up and planning ways to make Camp PALS 2011 even better!  We had over 15 campers and counselors come out to eat at Cici’s, with tons of family and friends.  Special thanks to Cici’s Pizza and to everyone who brought guests to dinner.  This DC Reunion was also a fundraiser and 10% of the proceeds from each meal was donated to Camp PALS!

With your help, we were able to raise $75 for Camp.  If you would like to begin planning a Reunion dinner and/or fundraiser in your area, please e-mail me at Thanks again, and have a wonderful 2011 - just 150 days until Camp!

Laura Karp
DC Region Reunion Coordinator

Maryland reunion at Cici's Pizza

Happy New Year Camp PALS!

One of our favorite resolutions is staying in touch with old friends… and what better way to do that than joining us for a Camp PALS Reunion? Add this fun-filled event to your calendars, pronto!

Do you live in MD/Metro DC?  Miss your friends from Camp?  Then come to Cici’s Pizza on Tuesday, January 4 for a Camp PALS reunion and fundraiser! The reunion starts at 6 PM and the fundraiser lasts from 5-9 PM. All you have to do is mention “Camp PALS” when you purchase your (all you care to eat) meal, and 10% will go to Camp PALS!

If you have any questions about the event, please e-mail me at Directions to Cici’s Pizza in Rockville can be found at or call 301-770-4600.  Please spread the word by inviting family and friends to this event!  Thanks for your continued support.  See you at Cici’s!

Laura Karp
DC Region Reunion Coordinator

Camp PALS walks for DS awareness

Last Saturday a group of campers and counselors joined thousands of other volunteers and participants for the National Down Syndrome Society’s Annual Buddy Walk in Central Park, NYC. We had a lot of fun and helped raise awareness and funding for the NDSS and its numerous programs.

If you are interested in other opportunities to get involved in the DS community, reach out to us or check out

Camp PALS Reunion at Princeton!

This past Sunday, a group of past campers and counselors met at Princeton University to catch up with old friends. We talked about Camp PALS 2010 and made plans for new teams, new counselors, and new activities. After pizza and soda, we walked next door to Dillon Gymnasium where we participated in Sunday Funday, an event run by Princeton Disability Awareness (the organization that runs the Annual Princeton Down Syndrome Conference). At Sunday Funday, we split into teams with Princeton students and attendees. We competed in flag football, relay races, soccer, basketball and much more.

Only 8 more weeks until Camp PALS!!!


Camp Counselor freezes for Special Olympics Fundraiser

Camp PALS counselor Angelica Conway usually prefers the beach in summer, resting on a lounge chair with a drink and a book. But, on Saturday, she was braving the ice cold ocean waters to raise funds for Special Olympics. She and her team, the Perennial Penguins, collected hundreds of dollars by diving into the frigid waters of the Long Island Sound along with hundreds of other participants as part of the 2010 Polar Plunge.

Angelica invited me to join her team for what was going to be a refreshing experience. After a morning of bonding with fellow plungers, the moment arrived. We all took off our heavy coats and hats and headed onto the sand. After a short speech and an animated countdown from 10, we all sped toward the water. We did not stay in long, but the memories will be frozen in our minds for a very long time to come.

And, if jumping into ice cold water in March is your thing, stay tuned. Angelica plans to form a team again next year.


Reunion at Philadelphia's Academy of Science

[As part of an introductory class on Management, 10 University of Pennsylvania students organized and ran a reunion for Camp PALS campers and counselors. They have guest-authored the blog post below.]

On the 22nd of November Team Guardians held the annual Camp PALS reunion at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. This year 17 past campers, 7 counselors, and 14 student volunteers partook in a scavenger hunt that allowed us to explore exhibits from the skeletons of dinosaur hall to the inventions of George Washington Carver. The day ended with souvenirs from the gift shop, certificates of attendance, and a wealth of new memories.

Update on Princeton Reunion and Down Syndrome Conference

The Camp PALS reunion in Princeton had a great turn-out with over 30 people in attendance. We enjoyed Panera food, heard some good speeches and laughed with old friends. Below are a few of the pictures from the event.

A big topic of the reunion was the upcoming 3rd Annual Down Syndrome Conference at Princeton University. This year, the conference is titled “Up” and is again, hosting some fantastic speakers for parents while pairing all children with Down Syndrome and their siblings one-to-one with a Princeton student volunteer. The conference is scheduled for Sunday, November 15. You can register online at

Hope to see you there!


Eastern PA Buddy Walk

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the Eastern PA Down Syndrome Center’s Buddy Walk. The walk, organized by some Camp PALS parents, brought hundreds of individuals to Coca Cola Park in Allentown, PA. After walking around the stadium with everyone, I got the opportunity to chill out with many current and former Camp PALS campers and counselors. Below is a picture of me with Sam Heller and Greg Coni.

We hope to see you next weekend at the National Down Syndrome Society’s New York City Buddy Walk!