Note from Kelsey Siegel

Counselor Kelsey Siegel reflects on her memories of Camp PALS and her camper, Katie:

This summer I had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. For one week in June, I forgot about everything in the world beyond Hannah Montana, High School Musical, making friends, and being the happiest I’d been in a very long time. Spending a week with all these special, gifted people made me realize how much in life we take for granted and how little we truly understand. Life’s never easy for anyone; We all have our problems and upsets we have to deal with.

After spending a week with my camper, I learned that all the conflicts I worry about on a day to day basis really don’t matter. What matters is that you’re happy, and that people are happy with you the way you are.

Katie is the most genuine person I’ve ever met. She wasn’t out there to please me or anyone else that didn’t like her just the way she is. She’s funny, intelligent, stubborn, caring, and determined. She’s confident in everything she does and she knows exactly what she wants. But more importantly, she knows who she is. And she knows that the rest of the world should know who she is, too.

Kelsey was so inspired by Katie that she wrote a song about her:

Some pictures of Katie and Kelsey from 2008: