Your Voice Matters: Camp PALS Feedback


At the end of each program, we send out a feedback survey to our Volunteers and Campers asking questions about programming, overall impressions, and your personal experience. You might be curious as to what we do with this information and how we use it to make PALS a better place. The truth is, your feedback is our most valuable resource as we strive to improve our programs. Here, I’ll share some changes we’ll be making based on what you told us:

Program Directories

Many of you mentioned that you’d like program-specific directories to help keep in touch with friends after the end of programs. So, we’re going to create them! While we’re still figuring exactly how it’ll work, rest assured that we’ll have something awesome soon.

On-Campus Programming

In 2016, on-campus activities (such as choice activities, crafts, karaoke, etc.) were regarded less favorably than off-campus activities (such as trips to museums, cruises, sporting events, etc). As a result, we made some changes to how on-campus activities were planned and saw a marked increase in the quality of these activities. Moving forward, we’ll continue to be responsive to ensure our time at PALS is spent in the most meaningful way possible.


Some of you mentioned that you’d like to see an improvement in the quality of food offered at Camp. Moving forward, we’ll collect more detailed information to help us better understand how we can improve your dining experience at PALS.

Preparation & Steps Moving Forward

  • Make improvements to Camp Volunteer Training
  • Create a Head Counselor Training program
  • Host remote training for all Volunteers at PALS Adventures
  • Ensure that Campers and Volunteers have more information about their pairing prior to arrival at Camp

All of this is to say, we value your feedback and pride ourselves on being responsive to our Campers and Volunteers. If you have any questions, please contact Stephen at