Guest Blogging Part III

Emily Benton
Orange team 

“Hi, my name’s Emily Benton. I live in Pennsylvania with mom and dad and my sister and my cats. My favorite activity is going to the beach and I love playing basketball at camp. I really love it!! I’m in the orange team and they are fantastic. If you don’t know about Camp PALS you can go to the website and find out! 

Jenna Hawkins
Blue team
“I’m Jenna Hawkins and I like to swim and I like to dance. My counselors name is Jill. This week, I tried photography. I liked it. My favorite thing about Camp PALS is that I made some friends. Lots of new ones on my team. I’m on the blue team. We are the blue mermaids! I like to watch lots of movies. At camp I watched Monsters Inc. 

Samantha Gordon
Red team  
“I’m on the red team. I’ve been to camp before. My brother is here too, his name is Josh. I like to sleep. At camp I like to go to Dave and Busters. The beach was good. I like to hang out with Olivia. I liked arts and crafts.”

Alex Byrne
Red team 

“My name is Alex Byrne. I am 17. My favorite color is red. I am on the red team. Yeah! My favorite food is cheeseburgers. I had them at camp. I went in the water at the beach.”

Leanne Strayline
Yellow team 

“I’m leanne strayline, I’m on the yellow team. My counselor is Nicole and she is nice. She’s really funny! I went to Dave and Busters, and the beach! My favorite part was Dave and Busters- I played games and won a peace sign pillow. I like to dance. At home I have a fish and two brothers. I don’t think they’ll come to Camp PALS. They have tennis here, but I don’t play it.

Luke Kerensky
Red team 

“My name is Luke, by the way. I got arts and media, basketball, cooking, weight lifting. The way that we do arts and crafts and arts and media is that it’s a group that get together, enjoy each other, drawing pictures, painting, coloring, posting pictures, making videos; watch youtube you can totally see you on there. I’m from Georgia and I live there for like 6 years. I wish I was in Florida but my dad is great. The best about Camp PALS is being here with my friends, like Claire, and being with Kellen. Kellen is a great he, he has a great girlfriend and I tell ya we, me and kellen, we just love jokes. He’s a great guy. I can’t thank Camp PALS enough for what  it’s done for me. Everyone here- you’re like family to me.”