Director Series: Camp PALS San Francisco


Hi everyone! My name is Morgan and I’m really excited about Camp PALS San Francisco 2016, also known as ‘CPSF2K16’, also known as 'the place where the people who know what’s up will be’. A little about me: I like to dance, I’ve been involved in PALS for 7 years, and I have the two best co-directors in the whole world. My favorite thing about PALS is the people. Every summer, we create and partake in an incredible spectrum of communities, each one unique, beautiful, and world changing.


Hi PALS! My name is Meaghan and I am one of the directors of the fabulous Camp PALS San Francisco director team! I work as a pediatric physical therapist at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in the beautiful Bay Area, just down the road from our host site Santa Clara University! I’ve been a part of PALS as a counselor, Adventure director, and head counselor since 2012 when the west coast joined in on the PALS fun! This is my first year as a camp director and I am so excited to plan your favorite week of the summer! When I’m not working on PALS or at the hospital I enjoy running, baking, watching puppy videos, and listening to all the songs from my favorite Disney movies! I can’t wait to meet you all at Camp PALS San Francisco this summer!


Hey PALS family! My name is Hannah and I am beyond excited to be joining my co-directors, Morgan and Meaghan, over on the west coast for my third summer at Camp PALS San Francisco! A little bit about myself: I graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania in May 2015 and I am currently teaching 3rd grade in South Philadelphia. I like to swim, eat guacamole, and I’m currently training for a half marathon (even though running is my least favorite activity in the world…) And oh yeah, I love PALS! I can’t wait to see you all for our fifth summer under the Bay Area sun!