A New Camp PALS Map

Since we were kindergärtners together, Director Joshua Stein and I have shared a love of maps and travel. Last year, before biking 20 miles to camp, I redesigned the Camp PALS map and made it less messy. This year, Director Jason Toff sent me the Camp PALS map and told me to do what I wanted with it. From my current post in Amman, Jordan, I worked on creating a map that would be easy to read with buildings that are easy to identify.

Here are the results:

Camp PALS 2010 Map:

Camp PALS Subway Map:

I can’t wait until I see everyone at camp, I have come every year since its start in 2004. Again I will be running Camp Olympics, the Scavenger Hunt, and the Counselor Anagram Scrambler. Don’t be surprised to find a few new features to all of these events.

Yours truly,
Tyler Drown