Adventure Recap: Chesapeake Bay


Dear PALS Families and Friends,

My name is Caitlin Caffrey and this is my third year being part of the
wonderful PALS family. I have attended Camp PALS Georgetown, Princeton
and will be attending Camp PALS Cleveland this summer. This was my
first time not only organizing an adventure, but actually attending an
adventure. I had a fantastic time at the Chesapeake Bay Adventure and
wish the weekend never had to end!

We began our adventure with a wonderful bus drive over the Bay Bridge
while jamming out to Justin Bieber. When we arrived at the beautiful Captains Quarters property, Papa John’s pizza was calling our names!  We sat down for dinner and had introductions, making and meeting new friends. After eating and exploring the house, we headed outside to a enjoy a roaring fire, play charades and make s’mores.

On Saturday morning, we woke up and prepared for the arrival of the
Escape the Room Puzzle Designers. While groups took turns taking on the challenge of “escaping the room”, other people used their time to play basketball, go kayaking, relax in the hot tub, or play a game of corn hole. After the activity-filled morning, everyone was hungry and sat down to have some delicious sandwiches. Once we were re-energized, it was time for our puppy social. The Bay Water Animal Rescue brought two adorable puppies named Moose (a.k.a Loud Mouth Moose) and Lady Bug. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing choice indoor and outdoor activities including air hockey and playing pool.

The evening came around and we had several people in the kitchen working together to prepare a spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread meal. Following the meal came delicious ice cream sundaes! We ended the night with karaoke and a crazy dance party! Our talented campers were able to showcase skills of
singing, lip syncing, and dancing. We woke up early the next day to pack up, clean the house and make fish crafts.

We had a very busy, but relaxing weekend together growing old friendships and building new ones. Thank you to all of the campers and counselors who came together to make the weekend so memorable. We are all excited for camp this summer and look forward to reuniting again! All of the campers and counselors want to make a shout out to Emesha and Stephen for helping support this
adventure as well as enjoying all of the fun-filled activities with us!

PALS Love,