down syndrome

The Congratulations Project:  The Ascherl Family

Today, the Ascherl Family shares sweet Bradyn’s Congratulations story:

“Bradyn burst in to life with the surprise of having a little something extra, he was born with Down syndrome. Everyday we are lucky enough to wake up to his smiling face. Sometimes it is hard to think of what the future may hold and how his life will be different or similar to his brothers. 

Receiving the gift as part of the Congratulations Project through PALS gave me a glimpse into an older boys life. He had aspirations of being in the Army and gave us a great drawing of Iron Man. It gives me so much hope for Bradyn’s future. Also the gifts were very sweet and Bradyn cannot get enough of the Grip n Roll Balls and plays with his brother rolling them back and forth. 

The Congratulations Project is such a blessing to new parents and new little ones! 

 Thank you, The Ascherl Family”


Welcome to the San Francisco sunshine! Campers drove up to our palm tree-lined campus bubbling with counselor excitement this afternoon. After playing in the lawn until everyone arrived, Camp PALS San Francisco shared an all-camp dinner. After all 21 camper/counselor pairs got to know each other, Camp PALS rules were set and celebrated with an ice cream social and a dance party!

See more of our day in photographs here.