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NYE Adventure Recap

Hello PALS Families and Friends!

My name is Mandy Bordi, I have been a part of PALS for almost three years now. I attended Camp PALS Princeton as a counselor and Camp PALS Poconos as CPS this past year. Sara Glass, my co-leader, has been a part of PALS for 6 years and has directed Camp PALS San Francisco for three years! So we decided to give running an Adventure a try and what better Adventure to plan than the New Year’s Eve Adventure! It was an amazing opportunity and we both learned so much and hope to do it again.

We started planning this months before the big bash. We spent an early weekend at Mountain Laurel Resort in Pennsylvania, a sister location to the beautiful Split Rock Resort. On Thursday, as excited campers and counselors arrived we had their awesome, new PALS crewneck sweatshirts and room keys waiting for them. After everyone was settled in, we all gathered in a private banquet room for rounds and rounds of icebreakers and introductions. Once everyone got to know each other a little bit we started the afternoon with on-site mini golf and swimming. The resort held many “cruise ship” like activities so before we got ready for the dance we played a couple rounds of BINGO! It was one of the most competitive game of Bingo I have ever seen, no joke, people were sweating it out. After 3 PALS winners, everyone went to their rooms to get dapper for the awesome NYE dance. We danced the night away and of course had a mid-dance party break for karaoke. We were able to live stream the Times Square ball drop and celebrate with a sparkling cider toast. The next day was spent at Split Rock Resort at their waterpark! They have a huge wave pool and a place where you can surf and body board on artificial waves. It was very entertaining seeing campers and counselors alike giving it a try! So many different water slides and an impromptu PALS water basketball game broke out. We ended the busy day with a movie night of Inside Out and some popcorn in our PALS mugs! We woke up early to go back to Split Rock and spend the day bowling and playing in the arcade. 

It was a really great trip and everyone had a blast. I could not have had a better New Year’s Eve then ringing it in with my PALS! Cheers to a great PALS filled 2016!

PALS Love,

Mandy & Sara