PALS in space! No, really.

Captain’s Log, Stardate 68758.4. PALS bracelets have returned from their journey to space on the flight test for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle…


Mike Hawes (far right) presents PALS Staff with the 50 bracelets and official NASA documentation authenticating their flight on Orion

We are beyond thrilled to reveal that 50 PALS bracelets have returned from their epic journey to space. Yes, we said space. Reaching an altitude of 3,500 miles above earth and traveling at a speed of 15,000 miles per hour, it is safe to say that these bracelets boldly went where none of us have gone before. 

But HOW, you ask? Last Fall, Camp PALS Chicago Director Conor Hawes approached the PALS staff with an offer of a lifetime.  Conor’s awesome dad, Mike Hawes was connected to the flight test for Orion- a capsule that will eventually send humans to Mars. The theme of the flight test was inspiration, and Conor and his Dad thought PALS was a perfect fit.  We selected 50 PALS bracelets (handmade by our Office Manager, Robyn Newbury) to make the trip. Other notable items in the capsules included original works from Maya Angelou, a prehistoric fossil from a T-rex, and Cookie Monster’s cookie. 

We are SO thankful, honored, and amazed to have been given this opportunity. We still haven’t quite wrapped our heads around the awesomeness of it all. Our PALS community is the best and we are grateful for all of you.  Whether it is talking about PALS to a friend over dinner, or sending PALS bracelets into space, each and every effort helps our community grow and brings us closer to a world of acceptance and welcome.

Read more about the items included in the capsules here. Or watch the launch here