Announcing Our New Board Member: Sonya Li


Please join us in welcoming our newest board member, Sonya Li! She’ll be joining us at our upcoming board meeting on April 30th. Sonya is a former Camp PALS Counselor who joined the PALS Family in 2005. She’s stayed involved with PALS through the years as a long-term supporter. Sonya lives in San Francisco and works for Angel Island Capital as an investment professional. She is our first West Coast based board member and was at Camper Arrival for the inaugural Camp PALS San Francisco in 2012. 

We are lucky to have Sonya and are excited to see where her continued involvement and support takes PALS!


Announcing Our New Board Chair: Kyle Stolarz

I co-founded Camp PALS in 2004 with the hope that it’d make a positive impact on the Campers that summer and perhaps more summers to come. But I couldn’t have imagined the amount it would grow – and that 12 years later PALS would have 4 full-time staff members, 11 Camp sites, and dozens of Adventures and other initiatives.

One of the most satisfying things is that these expansions were done not by the original 2004 Camp PALS team (though many are still active), but instead by new, extraordinary members of PALS who have joined over the years.

Kyle Stolarz is one of these extraordinary people. Kyle joined PALS in 2012, when he and a few friends took the initiative to bring PALS to Chicago. They pulled off an amazing summer and Camp PALS Chicago has been getting bigger and better ever since. Kyle served as a Director for two summers, joined the PALS board in 2014, and became Treasurer in 2015– whipping our financial books into tip top shape. He then took on an additional role as Vice Chair in early 2016. It’s now my privilege to announce that I’ve asked Kyle to take over as Board Chair. He accepted, and by unanimous vote of the Board, he was approved!

One of my top priorities, and that of the Board, is to ensure the long-term sustainability for our organization. This means building out the infrastructure needed to continue to run PALS for years to come and not becoming overly reliant on a small number of individuals. By passing the baton to Kyle, I’m excited to make another step toward long-term sustainability.

I’ll remain on the board, as Vice Chair, supporting Kyle however he needs. I can’t wait to see the great work he brings to PALS. Please help me in congratulating him!

PALS Love,

Jason Toff

Vice Chair of PALS Programs