Meet Sarah, Our New Social Media Intern!

We are excited to introduce Sarah Henry as our newest member of the PALS family. Sarah will be joining as our Social Media Intern, working with Emesha and Michelle to cultivate our community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and our blog. She is looking forward to engaging with you on our social media platforms and producing interesting content to keep the PALS magic alive all year long!

Feel free to introduce yourself or congratulate her at Or comment or DM her on our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Hi PALS Family,

My name is Sarah, and I am delighted to be the Social Media Intern for PALS Programs! 

I am a recent graduate of West Chester University with a degree in Psychology, though my true passion is videography. This May I married my best friend, Joe, and we are settling down in the Philadelphia area. 

I fell in love with PALS this summer at the Chicago and Philadelphia 1 Camps, where I volunteered as videographer. The opportunity to blend videography and media with my newfound enthusiasm for PALS was life changing. For me, the magic happened when I was filming the first Camper at arrival in Chicago. Being able to capture that joy as the Campers ran through the tunnel was enchanting, and I raced to my room to edit as soon as I could. 

Because of PALS, I grew personally and professionally, and I know PALS will continue to help me grow as the Social Media Intern. I am so grateful for the opportunity to interact with everyone through our social media platforms and produce exciting, new content for you to enjoy. Feel free to comment or message me any ideas you would like to see!

PALS love,

Sarah Henry


Meet Colton, Our New Volunteer Coordinator!

PALS is proud to introduce the newest member of our staff, Colton Davies. Colton is joining the team as the Volunteer Coordinator.  Colton will work closely with our Camp Directors and leaders, supporting their overall growth, training and year-round engagement in the PALS community.  His work will ensure that PALS continues to reach new young people - growing our counselor base and the overall impact of the PALS organization.  We are so excited to have Colton join us!

Please feel free to introduce yourself or congratulate him at


Hello PALS Family!

I’m ecstatic to be taking on the role of Volunteer Coordinator for PALS! I can’t wait to meet and work with all of you in the very near future; I’m so glad for the opportunity and super excited to get started!

I hail from Chinook, Montana, a tiny agricultural community in the north central part of the state, where the mountains meet the plains just a stone’s throw from the Canadian border. I grew up in an artistic and musical household, and in college, I chose to explore and foster those talents, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montana State University in 2012. After working in the graphic design field for two years, I left the country to serve as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Peoples Republic of China. My experience abroad teaching and leading groups of students ignited in me a passion for service and a desire to harness my skills, talents, and interests to enhance the lives of other people.

I’m a VERY social being, so most of my free moments are spent surrounded by friends, family, and/or animals. I love getting involved in club/league sports and I’m an incurable foodie! I also enjoy writing and playing music on my ukulele or piano and taking spontaneous road trips off the beaten path.

I’m so eager to serve as Volunteer Coordinator and to work closely with volunteers, organizers, campers, and all of the amazing folks involved with PALS. Thanks for welcoming me to the family!

PALS Love,

Colton Davies

We Are Excited To Introduce Our 2 New Part-Time Staff Members

PALS is proud to introduce the newest members of our part-time staff, Brenna O’Sullivan and Josh Fields! Brenna is joining the team as the Recruitment Associate and Josh is our Campus Ambassador Intern. 

Please feel free to introduce yourself or congratulate Brenna at and Josh at

Here’s a few words from Brenna:

Dear PALS family,

I am so excited to be joining the PALS staff team! I can’t wait to meet or reconnect with many of you and I’m looking forward to being part of making PALS magic happen this year.

I joined the PALS family in 2009 for the first time as a counselor, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve made so many friends and learned so much through my connection with PALS. I’m so proud of how far we have come as an organization. I will be working on recruitment this year, helping to grow the PALS family!

I grew up in Portland, Maine, and I’ve recently moved back after living in Memphis, Tennessee for several years. I’m working at a post-secondary education program for young adults with disabilities called STRIVE U. My sister, Kelsie, who has been a PALS camper in the past, is an alumna of this program and lives in Portland, too! I love being back in Maine so I can enjoy more outdoor adventures and the snow (it’s almost here!!) I also enjoy practicing and teaching yoga, reading, attempting to bake, and spending time with my family.

I can’t wait to get started working with the rest of the staff team and with you all to make the 2017 season of PALS the best one yet!

PALS Love,



Here are a few words from Josh:

Hi PALS Family!

I am so excited to be joining the PALS Team as the Campus Ambassador Intern! PALS has become a huge proponent of my life over the last four years.

Over the last three and a half years, I have held many different volunteer positions at PALS! Long story short, the last three years have been some of the best experiences I could have ever dreamed of having! I led the Great Wolf Lodge Adventure twice, was a Counselor at the Chesapeake Bay Adventure, Camp PALS Poconos and Camp PALS Princeton, and even got to hold the position of Director this past summer at Camp PALS Poconos.

I believe PALS helped me reach my potential as a leader and team player. Through PALS, I have made some of the best friends I’ll ever have, both campers, and counselors! With that being said, part of my goal while being in this position is to help foster leadership in PALS volunteers, the way PALS helped me develop my leadership potential. One of the beautiful aspects of PALS is its volunteers, and I know all our volunteers have the potential to make a HUGE impact in their prospective communities. I cannot wait to guide them along that path!

I look forward to serving the PALS community, and using my past experiences and creative ideas to propel PALS even further along our goals. Thank you, and I cannot wait to meet all of you!

PALS Love,