scavenger hunt

PALS Princeton - Monday Fun

Campers and counselors had a fun and active start to the week at PALS Princeton. After warming up in the morning with yoga and icebreakers, PALS headed out to Princeton for a private movie screening with popcorn and sodas. PALS stayed on campus to play kickball and go swimming, then had dinner out on the town. A scavenger hunt around the university wrapped up the night.

Check out Facebook for more photos of PALS’ Monday fun!

PALS go on a scavenger hunt and karaoke

PALS Princeton kicked off the third day of camp with a scavenger hunt around the campus and scenic downtown. Some of the tasks campers were asked to complete included finding a building built before 1900, taking a picture with the Princeton lion, and taking a picture of the team spelling out CAMP PALS. The day ended with an activity campers and counselors alike had been looking forward to since the beginning of camp - karaoke!

Here are a few great shots from the day and night, but be sure to check out the Facebook page and the “PALS Princeton 2013 - Scavenging & Singing” album for more photos and videos!