Speech from the Global Down Syndrome Foundation

A few years ago, a few fellow Camp PALS Counselors, my brother Jason, and I had the privilege of meeting John C. McGinley and working with him on a Special Olympics initiative. Since then, John and I have crossed paths a few times as he is a tremendous advocate for the Down syndrome community and an incredible champion for his son, Max, who was born with Down syndrome about 14 years ago.
A few weeks ago, John spoke at an event for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and shared the text of his speech with me. He talks about expectations and doubts, and he effectively captures the joy, fear and love that so many people who are blessed to have individuals with Down syndrome in their lives experience every day. John was kind enough to allow me to share this personal speech with the Camp PALS family. Watch the video below or click here to see the full text of his speech.

- Jenni