the Nutcracker

Guest Blogging from Hannah and Andrea!

Recently, Andrea went to visit her Camp PALS Georgetown camper Hannah Culotta at Hannah’s performance of The Nutcracker. Here’s a message from the pair:

Andrea: “I was honored to be able to see Hannah perform at the Nutcracker this past weekend. Hannah’s smile and personality lit up the stage! I am so happy to have been able to continue my relationship with Hannah throughout the year. I consider her so much more than just my partner for the week; she is one of my best friends.”

Hannah: “When I first started the Nutcracker, I was ten years old. Once I was a giant mouse and a soldier. This year, I was a party girl and a sleigh angel. I felt excited to see Andrea at the Nutcracker. She was my counselor at Camp PALS. It was so fun that Andrea came to see me.”


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