Thank you Abby!

Abby Kolker is a staple of Camp PALS. Recently, Abby was accepted into a PhD program and even more recently Abby has become a college faculty member. Given these additional responsibilities, Abby has decided to step off the PALS Executive Board. Here’s a note from her in her own words: 

For the past eight years I’ve had the privilege of running one of the best summer camps in the entire world. I have meet the most amazing people, developing rich and long-lasting friendships. Through PALS, I have become part of the Down syndrome community, which has enriched my life so much.

Joining the team of Js as director of Camp Pals and later as the founding members of the PALS Executive Board has been an invaluable learning experience. I have been a part of PALS as its grown from a small group of 30 campers and counselors to a nationwide organization, bringing fun and joy to hundreds of people. It is with great difficulty that I decided to resign as an Executive Board member. As I have begun the next phase of my life- as a PhD student and college faculty member- I must direct my attention to conducting research and educating my students. 

I will always be part of the PALS family and will be sure to visit our growing number of programs as often as I can. In the meantime, I’d like to encourage all of my dear friends - campers, counselors, and parents alike - to keep in touch (

We are so incredibly thankful for everything Abby has done for PALS. Be it formulating leadership development programs, organizing hundreds of counselor interviews, planning counselor orientation, or even devising a rock paper scissors tournament, Abby comes to the table with a positive attitude and indescribable spunk. Luckily for us, her involvement in PALS is not over– watch for her at upcoming PALS events.

Thank you Abby!