The Congratulations Project:  The Exley Family

This is our sweet little boy, Gavin. Gavin was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Initially, my thoughts about people with Down Syndrome were extremely limited. I didn’t think he would ever live a fulfilling life. I was completely ignorant about Down syndrome. After all, Gavin was the first person I ever met with the condition. 

After receiving the diagnosis, we went to work immediately learning about what this would mean for him and for our family. We got plugged into our local Down syndrome association, began therapies, and seeing specialists. I think the most meaningful information we have gained has come from individuals who have Down syndrome themselves. Getting to know these beautiful people have tremendously impacted our ideas about how fulfilling Gavin’s life truly will be. It touched our hearts in an amazing way to have a personal, hand-written letter from our pen pal. He had some beautiful words of encouragement for our family. I hope that every family that is blessed with a child who has an extra chromosome is able to experience the heartfelt connection that PALS is building for people.

Taylor Exley

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