The Congratulations Project: The Mize Family

During the month of September, we are featuring families who have received letters as part of The Congratulations Project. We hope these stories will bring you joy and help spread the word as we search for a new sponsor. 

“First and foremost, we would like to thank the writer of the very inspiring letter we received, “Jeremy D”, for taking the time to share his story and his goals.  As parents, we are encouraged to see that our 7 week old son will also have goals, friends and faith.  Jeremy is surely a very remarkable young man and we are most grateful to have had him grace our lives. 

Next, we would like to say thank you for the very unexpected care package that accompanied the beautiful letter.  We were initially stunned by the generosity and thoughtfulness reflected in the care package yet the more we explored it’s content the more our emotions evolved into an enormous sense of relief.  Relief because, for the first time since our precious son’s birth we felt we had heard from someone who wasn’t showing love and support “despite the Down Syndrome” but instead you were celebrating our son, everything about him, Down Syndrome and all.  To know there is an entire community that understands how important that is and who welcomes our son with enthusiastically open arms means more to us, as his parents, than we could ever say in words.  

To quote my Husband’s response “I feel like we’ve been on an Island this whole time and we just received a message in a bottle.”  For sending out that message of love and belonging, thank you. 

Sincerely and Gratefully, Evan and Necie Mize”