The Congratulations Project:  The Romero Family


This week, we hear from the Romero Family:

“Shortly after our son Colt was born we discovered that he had been gifted with an extra chromosome.  The news changed nothing for us in our minds and hearts for our love of our precious baby.  We know that Colt is just as fearfully and wonderfully made by our perfect creator as our other children so why would we feel any different?  God didn’t make a mistake when Colt was being “intricately woven” and “knitted together”.

Sadly though, “CONGRATULATIONS!” isn’t always the word you hear upon sharing news of this amazing blessing.

I cannot put into words what a wonderful gift it was to not only hear that word  but to receive a letter from one of the amazing campers at Camp PALS.

We were so touched by the letter and package that we received.  I truly look up to these individuals and look for any chance that I can to hear from and talk with others who also share that something extra special.

I am so grateful to Jenni and the rest of the staff and campers at Camp PALS for helping to spread the beauty and joy in this blessing to us parents!

You are doing a wonderful thing! Thank you for celebrating our son! Keep up the great work!

Sincerely, Kelsi Romero”