The "Other" Four

Meet Jess Trief, Robert McRae, Daniel de Zeeuw, and Raj Bhandari. These four dedicated, talented, and highly motivated individuals comprise the Camp PALS Board. While the Directors worry about making sure that the upcoming summer is the best possible, Jess, Robert, Daniel, and Raj are working hard on projects, grants, counselor programs, and fundraising to make sure that Camp PALS continues to have resources and staff to get bigger and better in future years.

Simply put, they are the “other” four: you might not know their names or faces yet, but they are just as important to our organization as the 3 J’s and A.

On behalf of Jenni, Abby, and Jason, I want to thank Jess, Robert, Daniel, and Raj for their hard work. We are proud to know all four of you, and it is difficult to put into words all that you have meant to this organization. We are so lucky to have you on our team!