The Times They Are a-Changin'

Over the years we’ve often been asked “what’s next?” or “who will take over for you when you [go to medical school / move to California / start your PhD]?  And up until last summer, there were only ever 4 Directors of Camp PALS: Josh, Jenni, Abby, and Jason.  Last summer, we welcomed two Assistant Directors, Paul Fleming and Tyler Coulton.  They did an amazing job learning the ropes and suggesting improvements to the program and, as a result, we’re pleased to announce that they have been promoted to full-time Directors, effective immediately.

Given the addition of these two Directors and our confidence in their ability to lead, Josh, Abby, and I will be stepping down from our Camp Director positions.  Jenni will lead Camp PALS next summer as “Head Director” alongside Paul and Tyler.

Meanwhile, Josh, Abby, and I still plan to attend camp for the foreseeable future (read: as long as Jenni, Paul, and Tyler let us! :)) and will be taking on new side responsibilities, i.e. further developing our medical school program, fostering leadership development, and upgrading our technology.  We will also be involved in PALS growth at a higher level, i.e. supporting counselors in their efforts to create Camp PALS and PALS Tours programs around the world.

I know I speak on behalf of all of us when I say that being a Director at Camp PALS is easily the coolest job in the world.  You get to literally sit down and say, “How do we design the funnest week possible?” and then work with hundreds of amazing people to do it.  I am constantly blown away by the awesomeness that is the Camp PALS community and am so glad to have been such a close part of it for the last 8+ years.  Josh, Abby and I are extremely optimistic and excited for its continued development and growth under Jenni’s leadership.

- Jason, Josh, and Abby