Two days to go... meet the directors!

With only 2 days until Camp PALS West, it’s time to meet the 2 awesome directors!

Kate Fleming has been involved with Camp PALS since 2005. She now works at Google’s global marketing strategy group in Mountain View, CA, just several miles from where Camp PALS West will be held this summer. Kate’s co-workers say she is particularly “Googley,” which means she is silly, nerdy, and fun. In her spare time, she likes talking in a British accent, eating Triscuits, and throwing impromptu dance parties. She has wanted to start Camp PALS West for years and is thrilled it’s finally happened!

James Kuczmarski’s first summer at Camp PALS was in 2008. He learned about camp from Jenni Newbury’s brother, Jason, who was in Princeton’s Best Buddies program, which James led in college. Like Kate, he recently moved to the Bay Area for a job at Google, where he works in their internal strategy group. He likes watching junky reality television, hanging out with golden retrievers, and finding interesting ways to high-five his friends. His first-ever conversation with Kate was about how they should team up to create Camp PALS West.