Welcome Briana Hall to the PALS Executive Board

We’re excited to share that Briana Hall has joined the PALS Executive Board. Briana has been a part of the PALS family for over 10 years and, as of last week, rotated into the dedicated Self Advocate position on our board. Here’s a short video of Briana (also known as “Breezey”) introducing herself:

While we welcome Briana, we’d like to say a huge thank you to Samantha Cousins, who has served as Self Advocate on the board for the last year. Here’s a brief reflection from Sam about her experience:

“I was asked by Jenni in the year of 2013 to be the Camper Advocate on the Pals Board of Directors. I was very happy to join the Board of Directors. We had four meetings a year most of the meetings were on the phone , but two of them were in New York.

One of them was in Google. Jenni drove me to Google. We talked and we laughed in her car. I was with all the Board members and met Meredith Vieira.

I first started at Camp Pals in the year of 2010. At that time it was only one camp at Cabrini College in Pennsylvania. It’s exciting about having only one camp grow to eight camps. They added ages up to thirty years old and now has grown to 205 campers.

I am sad that I am off the Board, but I am excited for camp. I am excited to see Pals continue to grow. Good luck to the next camper advocate. Being on the Board of Directors was fun.”

Thank you Samantha, and welcome Briana!

Jason Toff

Chair, PALS Board