Winter Board & Directors Meeting

Last weekend the Executive Board and our five teams of Program Directors got together in NYC to welcome new leaders, offer mutual support and gain genuine insight on the future of PALS. We were encouraged by each other’s passion and, of course, had some fun! Over the past six months, PALS has gone through a lot of growth, so it was nice to be together and feel like family again.

Together, we discussed details around planning for our campers and counselors this summer, strategies for building sponsorships and raising funds, and new ideas for how we can bring the Camp PALS magic to more people throughout the year.


As an organization that is led by so many volunteers, we know our roles require a lot of patience, energy and commitment. We were inspired after taking some time to review our families’ answers to "Why Camp PALS?“ and then wrote some answers of our own. As one of us stated yesterday, we are motivated by the belief that the world will be better when we leave than it was when we got here.

As we continue to build this future together, please know that we are grateful for every member of our PALS family. This is our place and it is the best place in the world.

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