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Session II

volunteer Leadership TEAM


kim, Personnel counselor Director
tori, logistics director
evan, personnel camper director
chase, assistant director

PALS Philadelphia II is our second Julian & Tina Krinsky Program offered later in the summer season. We are excited for two weeks to explore the Philadelphia region including a trip to Funplex, a cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia, and riding surreys on the boardwalk!

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Dates: july 14-20, 2019

Location: cabrini university

Highlights from 2018 Camp:

  • Ocean City New Jersey Beach & Boardwalk

  • Trip to the Franklin Institute

  • Spirit of Philadelphia Cruise

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PALS Philadelphia II is a dedicated location named the Julian & Tina Krinsky Program.


Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information on sponsoring PALS Philadelphia II, please email us at

enhanced Programming & financial aid fundraising

Each year, the value of camp increases, while tuition has remained the same for the past five years. In total, tuition only covers 47% of camp costs. Generous sponsors, individual donors, foundations, and Value In-kind donations provide exceptional experiences for our campers and volunteers. Donations also provide financial assistance to campers who could not otherwise afford to attend.

PALS Philadelphia II is fundraising to enhance programming and support financial aid. Our goal is to raise at least $4,000. Here are some programming goals your donation will help support.


We went to FunPlex last year and it was INCREDIBLE! It’s an indoor and outdoor amusement park and water park.They also offer arcade games, laser tag, and bowling.  Last year we scored an incredible deal for the indoor and outdoor park activities, but with your help we could offer our camp all the bonus attractions as well! How amazing!!!

Talk of the Town

We’re looking to offer an incredible on-campus day for camp this year. We have some really cool surprises up our sleeve. We’re planning an action packed morning, with different activities happening at once. One of those activities we’re looking to do with your help is bring in a life-size blow up attraction for our camp to use right on campus! It’s never been brought to Philly 2 before, and we’d love your help to make it happen!

Authentic PALS Backpack ~SWAG~

Who doesn’t love durable SWAG?! We would love to be able to offer our camp the best kind of backpack to wear for years to come. What better to show your PALS Spirit then to wear it on your back everyday! Our plan is to team up with a top name brand to not only spread our PALS love to our families, but spread our PALS love and partnership to new awesome corporations!