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volunteer Leadership TEAM

dylan, personnel counselor director
chris, logistics director
jane, Personnel camper Director
madeline, assistant director

PALS Poconos is so excited to return to the University of Scranton for another season. Last year, campers and counselors explored Promised Land State Park, Montage Mountain, and went to a drive-in movie.

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Dates: july 7-13, 2019

Location: university of scranton

Age Range: 16-25

CAMP SIZE: large

Highlights from 2018 Camp:

  • Promised Land State Park

  • Montage Mountain Water Park

  • Carnival Night

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This camp is OPEN for dedication. If you are interested in naming this camp in honor or memory of a loved one, please reach out to Michelle.


Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information on sponsoring PALS Poconos, please email Michelle.

wish list & financial aid fundraising

Each year, the value of camp increases, while tuition has remained the same for the past five years. In total, tuition only covers 46% of camp costs. Generous sponsors, individual donors, foundations, and Value In-kind donations provide exceptional experiences for our campers and volunteers. Donations also provide financial assistance to campers who could not otherwise afford to attend.

PALS Poconos is fundraising for the following wish list items:

  • Coming soon!