Camp Night In Philadelphia!

PALS Programs Board Member Garrett Snider and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

PALS Programs Board Member Garrett Snider and Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

In 2004, we launched the very first Camp PALS at Cabrini College in Philadelphia. Now, 15 years later as we celebrate 15 summer programs across the country serving over 1500 campers and volunteers, it seems fitting that we bring that celebration to our very first home in Philadelphia.

Camp Night will be an opportunity to commemorate our growth and commit to an even bigger future as we build a world of inclusion and acceptance. We are so honored to have Philadelphia Mayor Jim Keeney join us for the event on May 11. The PALS magic was created in the City of Brotherly love, and we can’t wait to share this joy with the world.

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This week we have a special update from our Programming Committee. The Camp Night Programming Committee includes some of our all-star Directors who bring the magic of PALS to life every summer. They’ve been working behind the scenes on building a unique and exclusive experience.

Here’s a few words from the team:

Spring has sprung and the birds are chirping. After a long winter, we’ve finally made it! Which means we’re that much closer to Camp Night. We have SO much in store for you, we can’t wait! From our Olympic athletic course, to PALS fashion show stage, to our traveling casino, and a quick boardwalk trip, you are bound to have a night you’ll never forget. So lace up your sneakers, and and get ready to have some fun! We’ve included a sneak peek of our board below.

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See you May 11!

See you May 11!

Tell Your PALS Story!


PALS is making a commemorative video for our 15th anniversary, and we want to include YOUR STORY. Are you a camper, volunteer, or parent? We want to use this video to share the impact that PALS has had on your life. How has being part of the PALS family changed you? Tell us about your life before and after PALS.

If you would like a chance to be featured in our upcoming video, please record a short voice testimonial (less than 1 min) and email to For iphone users, please use the “voice memo app”, for android users click here for instructions. Pro Tip: Keep the phone a few inches from your face and minimize background noise for optimum quality.

All submissions must be received by end of day Friday, March 8. We will release the final video in May - thank you for your help in capturing our impact!

By submitting your recording, you are agreeing to its use by PALS Programs.

Leadership Summit 2019

In January, PALS brought 50+ volunteer leaders together for its 2nd Annual Leadership Summit. The weekend started with our summer camp directors arriving a day early for a full 24 hours of learning and strategizing on ways to make Summer 2019 the best weeks of the year for our campers with Down syndrome and their peers.

On the 2nd night, our volunteer ambassadors and assistant directors arrived and spent the next day training on inclusion, personnel, logistics, fundraising, programming, conflict resolution, and sharing their best ideas with each other.

During our 3rd evening together, we were honored to be the first audience to screen The R-Word film, with an amazing Q&A with the director, Amanda Lukoff, immediately following. This movie provided a great message for our leaders on how words matter.

The last day of Leadership Summit 2019 was all about the future of PALS. We spent the final day planning, learning about our research project, and having candid conversations about diversity and inclusion in all forms.

We closed out the summit with our keynote speaker, Kayla McKeon, who shared her passion for advocacy for people with intellectual disabilities. And we followed her speech with testimonials from our volunteers on why they commit to PALS each year.

"PALS has continually given me opportunity after opportunity to be a better me. This family has taught me everything about the type of person I wish to be and motivates me to advocate for inclusion and be an ally for all differences."

These volunteers spent three full days together because they want to create outstanding and transformative experiences for our campers and volunteers. After the summit was over, 85% of the attendees reported that the weekend left them feeling inspired. We are so grateful for their time, energy, passion, and love of PALS.

#PALSFriendshipFridays Series | Gabrielle and Shayla


Meet Gabrielle and her roommate, Shayla. PALS Richmond 2018 was the start of their budding friendship. Read Gabrielle’s answers to find out how they created an amazing friendship.

What is your favorite thing to do at PALS with your roommate?

Our favorite thing to do was create cool Snapchat pics. [Check out some of their Snapchat pictures below!]

What do you do to keep up with each other in between Camps?

We live far away, so we keep in touch through text and Snapchat.

What advice can you give to new roommates to create amazing friendships like yours?

My best advice is to try to not be homesick because the week goes by fast. 


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Do you have an awesome friendship with your PALS roommate? Email your answers to to be featured in a future #PALSFriendshipFriday Series.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #PALS365 when you’re posting pictures with your PALS friends outside of camp so we can see your friendships year-round!